3 Grooming Shear Trends You're Going to Love

Grooming shear trends follow cut and style trends in the dog breeding and showing industries.

As technology has provided us with more sophisticated shears and grooming tools, the demand for more complex and interesting styles has increased. In addition to trends in colors – ombre, anyone? – grooming cuts have become more complex and time-consuming to achieve.

Don’t be left out of these trends, as they are some of the most lucrative styles. With the right tools, you can master these trends and set yourself apart from the competition.

Grooming shears trends

Grooming Shears for Geometric Cuts

Geometric cuts, including box cuts and circle cuts, are all the rage these days, following a trend that emerged in Asia. Achieving these cuts requires a high degree of precision and that means you need the right shears to achieve this objective.

The Debut Curve grooming shear is perfect for mastering this trend and other specialty techniques. The Royale Curved shear, made from super cobalted Japanese V-10 stainless steel, is available in a variety of lengths and weights, allowing you to adapt this cutting style to different sizes and breeds.

Dog Grooming Shears Featuring… Dogs!

Isn’t your work always a little more enjoyable when you can mix in some fun? This trend takes grooming to the meta level, by adorning shears with canine designs.

Dirty Dog shears makes it easy and affordable to get in on this trend, offering a variety of sizes and weights to select from in both straight and curved blade designs. These scissors feature a black titanium finish overlaid with a silver dog pattern. You can even choose to have a tiny Scottie adorning your adjustable dial.

“Stuffed Animal” Style Grooming Shears

Another trend – this one emerging from Japan – is grooming dogs to have the appearance of sweet, soft, fluffy stuffed animals. These styles tend to take longer to achieve and, thus, allow you to command a higher price for your services.

To achieve this style, you need thinners. Royale manufactures both single and double-tooth thinning shears for groomers. Double teeth thinners are perfect for producing the silky cuts you need to achieve this style, as they pull smoothly through the fur and do not leave a perceptible line.

At Scissor Mall, we offer the most comprehensive line of grooming shears, thinners and accessories. Our prices are highly competitive and our selection is unparalleled. You can even take our shears for a test drive, to determine how well they suit your style and your needs.

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