Shisato Shears vs. Kansai Shears: Pros & Cons

Discussions about the best professional hair cutting shears inevitably include both the Shisato and Kansai brands.

Both of these well-respected brands find their way to the top of the wish list of experienced stylists all over the world. And, while you can’t go wrong with either choice, understanding the pros and cons of each will help you choose the scissors that fit best with your skills and with your budget.

Best professional hair cutting shears

About Shisato Shears

Hair shears from Shisato are known for their ability to make haircutting effortless, no matter what techniques you prefer.

Most Shisato shears are forged and finished in Japan, and some are forged in Japan and finished in Korea. All models of Shisato shears are fabricated from exceptional quality Hitachi Japanese steel. These shears are known in the industry for their incredible ability to hold an edge, despite having an affordable price point.

Finally, Shisato offers an incredible range of options. You have multiple sizes and configurations to choose from, including standard shears, chunkers, texturizers, thinners and knotchers. No matter what type of scissors you’re looking for, you’ll find exactly what you need among the Shisato line.

About Kansai Shears

Stylists of all skill levels value Kansai shears for their unique blend of affordability and high quality. For this reason, these hair scissors are often recommended by beauty schools and industry professionals. The lifetime material and workmanship warranty provides peace-of-mind and added value to this choice.

Like Shisato, Kansai offers a variety of sizes and configurations, in both right-handed and left-handed designs. Kansai thinners are available with 5, 15, and 33 teeth, for chunking, texturizing and thinning. Hand-forged in Korea, Kansai scissors are fabricated with Japanese cobalted steel for durability and unbelievable precision.

Kansai hair shears sets also make great gifts for hair stylists, especially considering the free included professional case, carbon comb and finger ring sizers.

Should You Choose Kansai or Shisato Shears?

If you’ve done your homework and narrowed your top two choices down to Kansai and Shisato, the final decision comes down to personal preference and budget. Shisato offers options that range from affordable to luxury models, like the Shisato Karma shear.

Kansai shears hold a lower overall price point and, even though you’ll have fewer options to choose from, you have a solid range of choices that will serve you well for years (or decades) to come.

Sometimes the only way to know you’re making the right choice is to hold a pair in your hand. That’s why Scissor Mall offers our unique “test drive” option for professional hair stylists and groomers. If you can’t decide between your favorite pair of Shisato, Kansai, Nigata, Royale or any other well-respected brand of shears, contact us today. We will put you in touch with a distributor in your area for a no-cost, no-obligation test drive of our affordable, high-quality Shisato and Kansai hair shears.