Using Texturizing Shears to Elevate Your Technique

Texturizing shears (shears with 12 to 16 teeth) are a type of specialty shear that allows you to achieve better textured haircut results.

Although you may be tempted to reach for thinning shears to eliminate bulk in a textured cut, thinners tend to also eliminate the texture you worked so hard to create. You can solve this problem quickly and easily with a pair of texturizing scissors.

And, because texturizing shears are ideal for all types of hair, they are the perfect way to create a variety of effects and results for your clients – from subtle to dramatic.

Buying texturizing shears online

Why You Need Texturizing Shears for Today’s Styles

Your clients are more demanding today than ever before. Stylists are expected to have mastered advanced techniques that allow them to create unique looks that seem to defy time, space and dimension.

To this end, you can only do so much with a standard pair of hair shears. To create specialty looks, you need specialty tools – and texturizing scissors provide that extra edge to your toolkit.

These shears are some of the most versatile tools available today. You can use them for wet or dry cutting, and on virtually any texture of hair. You can create a subtle look or, depending on how much hair you remove, you can achieve a variety of dramatic effects.

How & When to Use Texturizing Hair Scissors

Have you ever had a cut that, no matter what you tried, simply didn’t sit right? In many cases, texturizing shears are the answer to that problem.

These shears are primarily designed to create and preserve texture while eliminating bulk. It’s difficult – if not impossible – to achieve both of these goals with other types of shears.

It’s important to note that texturizing scissors aren’t appropriate for removing length. Use these shears when you need more balance and less weight in a cut, without sacrificing the textural elements you’ve already created.

Choosing the Right Texturizing Shears for You

Scissor Mall offers a wide variety of texturizing scissors, with prices to fit every budget. One of our most affordable texturizing shears is the Dynasty Iris model, available in 15 teeth. Get an ergonomic handle design with the Shisato Orion 1500, which features a fully rotating swivel thumb hole. Depending on your needs, you can also choose texturizing scissors from Kansai and Mirage.

Browse our outstanding selection of texturizing shears online today, and then contact us to locate a distributor in your area.