Luxury Hair Shears: When Only the Best Will Do

Luxury hair shears are much more than a splurge – they’re an investment in your craft that will serve you well for decades to come.

High-end scissors allow you to crank out fabulous cuts, quickly and effortlessly. Your clients will love their look and you’ll look like a rockstar, earning reviews, referrals and building your business.

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Nothing quite feels like a luxury shear in your hand. You’ll feel the difference immediately and, if you’re like most industry pros, you’ll have a hard time going back to lesser-quality shears once you experience this difference.

Why Invest in High-End Hair Scissors?

Everyone – even the most successful and in-demand hair professionals – works within a budget. So why should you spend several hundred dollars (or more) on a pair of hair scissors?

Certainly, you can purchase lower-priced scissors. But, when you invest in a pair of premier Japanese hair-cutting shears, you are giving yourself the experience of effortless, precision cutting. You are giving yourself a tool that will last indefinitely, making your job easier and more enjoyable day after day, year after year.

Although high-end hair scissors are an investment, they will actually save you money over time. Take good care of them and you’ll never have to spend the money to replace them. You’ll also save money on sharpening, as they will hold an edge much longer than lower-priced alternatives – often for years! And, because these shears are ideal for all types of styles, including both wet- and dry-cutting, they can potentially replace multiple pairs of scissors in your toolkit.

Choosing the Right Luxury Hair Shears for You

Arguably, Shisato and Niigata are the two best-known brands of luxury shears. With the highest quality materials and workmanship, these brands are the ones that discerning stylists look for when purchasing high-end hair scissors.

Shisato offers single- and double-blade thinners as wells as high-end ergonomic hair shears – such as the surprisingly affordable Shisato Razorback model.

For many industry professionals, however, the Niigata products represent the finest stylist tools available today. The Niigata 2000, with its impressive performance and ergonomic design, is smith-forged by Japanese master craftsmen. The Niigata 1000, made with Japanese Supergold 2 stainless steel, is viewed by many in the industry as the best haircutting shears available today.

Taking a Test Drive with Luxury Hair Shears

No stylist wants to make a substantial investment in new scissors before having a chance to try them out. That’s why Scissor Mall offers our innovative “Test Drive” program.

We will connect you with a local distributor in your area. Your distributor will assist you in testing out the shears you like, so you have the opportunity to see them in action before making your choice for purchase. You’ll still get the best possible pricing that comes with buying luxury hair shears online, without the risks of spending your hard-earned dollars on scissors that might not be everything you’ve imagined.

At Scissor Mall, we have curated the finest collection of high-end Japanese hair cutting scissors, offering barbers, stylists and groomers a wide range of choices. These high-quality products can, with proper care and maintenance, provide reliable results throughout your entire career.

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