Shisato Regency

Shisato Regency Dry Cutting Shear
Shisato Regency Dry Cutting Shear

Shisato Regency


The Shisato Regency is an incredible slide and basic cutting shear that cuts effortlessly through dry hair. 

  • Japanese ATS-314 Super Cobalted stainless steel

  • Lightweight hand-forged Japanese shear

  • One of the best choices for dry cutting

  • "K blade" design has been used in Japan for many years to produce the finest cutting edge possible

  • Glide through dry hair effortlessly with superb control

  • Leaf-spring tension system

  • A professional quality shear for the professional stylist

  • Convex edge and hollow-ground blades

  • Available in 5.5”, 6”

  • 5.5" Weight: 1.8 ounces

  • 6.0" Weight: 1.9 ounces

Watch a video on shears used for slide cutting.

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