Don Shepard, Precision Shears & Sharpening by Hand, Fox Island, Washington (Serving Seattle, Tacoma, Gig Harbor, & Olympia)


Joe Carson, BJ's Rapid Edge, Vancouver, Washington


Dean Fries, Spokane, Washington


Precision Shears, Kennewick, Washington


Larry Nicholas, Absolute Razor Sharp, Wenatchee, Washington


Tony Rodriguez, Seattle, Washington


Jeff Shaffett, Shaffetts Sharpening, Port Hadlock, Washington

360-531-1501 / 360-385-4116

Terry Dirks, Oregon Coast Distributor, 503-298-7654

I sell and sharpen hair shears for stylists and also pet grooming shears. I’m self-employed, getting started in 2010. I have received a certificate of excellence in 2011 certifying the skills and knowledge necessary to qualify me as a Master Sharpener for Shear Technology and the Scissor Mall.

My sales philosophy is based on knowledge, large selection, practice cuts, year round sales, and outstanding customer service. Read more>

Located in Astoria, Oregon.


Rob Edwards, Sharp Services, Missoula, Montana (Also serving Bellingham, Olympia, and Centralia)


Check out Rob's biography and testimonials>