Don Shepard, Precision Shears & Sharpening by Hand, Fox Island, Washington (Serving Seattle, Tacoma, Gig Harbor, & Olympia)


Joe Carson, BJ's Rapid Edge, Vancouver, Washington


Precision Shears, Kennewick, Washington


Larry Nicholas, Absolute Razor Sharp, Wenatchee, Washington


Tony Rodriguez, Seattle, Washington


Jeff Shaffett, Shaffetts Sharpening, Port Hadlock, Washington

360-531-1501 / 360-385-4116

Terry Dirks, Oregon Coast Distributor, 503-298-7654

I sell and sharpen hair shears for stylists and also pet grooming shears. I’m self-employed, getting started in 2010. I have received a certificate of excellence in 2011 certifying the skills and knowledge necessary to qualify me as a Master Sharpener for Shear Technology and the Scissor Mall.

My sales philosophy is based on knowledge, large selection, practice cuts, year round sales, and outstanding customer service. Read more>

Located in Astoria, Oregon.


Rob Edwards, Sharp Services, Missoula, Montana (Also serving Bellingham, Olympia, and Centralia)


Check out Rob's biography and testimonials>