Shisato Razorback


Shisato Razorback


The Shisato Razorback is an amazing, high-end Japanese hair shear that allows the stylist to cut hair and razor hair with only one tool.

  • Highest quality hand-forged Japanese steel and workmanship

  • Japanese V-10 (Gold) Super-cobalted stainless steel

  • One of the most extraordinary shears on the market today

  • Slide cuts through dry or wet hair as if it was silk

  • Closed blades allows the designer to palm the scissor and use it as either a 10-teeth or 14-teeth texturizing razor

  • Opposing grip handle allows the stylist to flip the shears for razoring with either side of the blade

  • Convex edge and hollow-ground blades

  • 10/14 texturizing teeth on spine of the blades

  • Available in 5.5” (10 and 14 teeth)

  • Weight: 1.9 ounces

Watch a video on shears used for slide cutting

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