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Paul & Stephanie Naused, Shear Savvy

Paul and Stephanie Naused, owners of Shear Savvy since 2005. 

We carry 40+ new shear models with us from the economical to hand crafted Japanese shears. We do a personal consultation with you to custom fit the right shears for your hand and for the cutting techniques you want to achieve. This includes swivel, dry cutting, slide cutting, barbering and seamless thinners. Ergonomic designs for reducing pain and fatigue are also available. We provide a 14-day trial period on your purchase to ensure you get the right shear for you! 

We are also a 12 year certified "Master Sharpener" so we can ensure that your shears are properly maintained and will last for many years. We service the Albany area, Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. Sharpening is done in your salon, by appointment and loaner shears are provided so your work is never interrupted. 

Call or text us at 1-518-567-1144

Read what Paul and Stephanie's customers are saying . . .

"Just want to say how thankful I am to have found Paul and Stephanie to take care of my scissors. It’s amazing what a difference it makes to keep your scissors maintained which makes my job easier and more enjoyable. I just recently purchased a new pair of double sided blending shears and 6" sharp point shears and I absolutely love them!! It’s nice to know that they offer quality products and that they stand behind them 100%. What also makes Paul and Stephanie stand out from the rest is their prices which are really affordable. I hope you get the chance to try them out and I know you'll be as happy as I am.” – Erin

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“I wanted to thank you guys for AMAZING customer service & for your patience finding the perfect shears for me! Your professionalism and customer service goes above and beyond any sharpening company that I have ever dealt with and I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!” – Tiffany 

Dennis!!!!!!! Our one and only shear guy, the best!!!

“I recently ordered and received a brand-new pair of shears from Shear Savvy, my 2nd pair purchased through them. I absolutely love my new shears and Paul and Stephanie are great. They are able to answer any questions, as well as offer professional insight on a variety of different products and services. I look forward to a continuing relationship, as Paul and Stephanie have proven time and again that they are the best around!” – Alie 


Located in Glendale, New York. (Also serving the Albany area, Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan).