Loren Dalla Betta, DB Shears, Jeanette, Pennsylvania



Robert Miller, Millers Sharpening Service LLC, New Castle, Pennsylvania



Alan Merfeld, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


Tom Platz, Professional Shear Company, Erie, Pennsylvania


Robert & Margaret Reyna, M & R Sharpening, Shermans Dale, Pennsylvania


CJ & Dana Thompson, Thompson Sharpening Service, Stewartstown, Pennsylvania


David Williams, A Sharper Edge II, Leechburg, Pennsylvania


Robb Balfour, Robb’s Edge Express, 301-992-5402 / Office: 240-513-7069

My entry into Beauty Scissors Sharpening Began in July 2003. Since then I study The Art of Sharpening/Honing Convex Shears. I better my skills with 3 other Classes, 2 with Manufacture and a Sharpener of 30 years, my mentor. I also joined a group of Like minded sharpener’s the NBTSG. I am proud to hold several Certified Credentials of my trade. Read more>

Located in Hagerstown, Maryland. Servicing Western Maryland to the Bay Bridge.