Dynasty Iris Swivel Thinner


Dynasty Iris Swivel Thinner


The Dynasty Iris Swivel Thinner features a beautiful floral design with a comfortable, swivel thumb, ergonomic design. 

  • Japanese 440A stainless steel
  • Forged shear, handmade in China
  • Thinner glides through hair effortlessly after cutting
  • Beautiful carved floral design on the handles
  • Crane handle gives the stylist natural hand positioning for less strain and fatigue in the hand
  • Spacing between the thumb and finger rings prevents cramping when closing the shear
  • The 360 degree rotating thumb allows the stylist to use any cutting technique or position with little strain on the hand, elbow, shoulder, or back
  • Convex edge and hollow ground blades
  • Black "diamond" dial adjustable click tension system
  • Thinner available in 30 teeth; also available in a cutting shear
  • Thinner length is 6.25"
  • Weight: 2.2 ounces

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Caralee of The Scissor Mall demonstrates how to use a swivel-thumb hair cutting scissor and how comfortable a swivel-thumb shear can be for hair stylists, especially for those who suffer from back and hand pains, carpel tunnel, or bursitis. 

Caralee of The Scissor Mall explains that the tension of a chunker, texturizer, and thinner should be tighter than a regular shear. If the tension on a chunker, texturzer, or thinner is not tight enough, it can cause the blades to nick.