Joe & Sandy Lentz, Joe's Sharpening Service,  760-220-6957   

Joe’s sharpening experience began while working in an upholstery shop during high school, where he learned to sharpen upholstery shears.

Later, he spent many years drag racing, and worked in the natural gas industry. He assembled and calibrated precision instrumentation, which prepared him for the expertise needed to sharpen convex style shears. 

Joe’s goals are to provide excellent workmanship, integrity, and customer service. He has chosen to do the majority of his sharpening in salons so stylists can observe and ask questions. Read more>

Located in Walford, Iowa. (We service all areas of Cedar Rapids, IA, as well as a large area of eastern Iowa including Dubuque, Davenport, Iowa City, Marshalltown, Cedar Falls and Waterloo)


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