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Dennis Brooks, Sharp Edges

Dennis and his wife Tonya are the owners of Sharp Edges Sharpening Service.  They are a second generation sharpening and service family.  Dennis started sharpening in 1995 for his Dad, Larry Brooks.  Dennis still maintains a very successful sharpening route that he services on a weekly basis in the Central Illinois area. 

Dennis believes strongly in continuing education concerning the sharpening and sales of shears.  As a certified sharpener since 2006, Dennis has also been a judge in the certification process with the NBTSG and was most recently the Vice President and the head of the certification process from 2013 – 2017. 

Dennis recently retired from the NBTSG to allow him more time to concentrate on providing the best customer service, shear education and products available to his customers.

They also provide a mail in service for sharpening and service needs with a short turnaround time.   Sharp Edges believes that customer service is priority number one.

Call or text us at 1-217-422-0911

Twitter:  Dennis Brooks (@sharpedges519) | Twitter

Read what Dennis's customers are saying . . .

"A huge thanks goes out to Dennis Brooks Sharp Edges for hooking me up with an awesome pair of lefty shears!!! And coming to my shop to sharpen my tools! Being left handed has proven to be a dilemma in my profession. Lots of places can order you left handed tools but don't carry them in stock. I'm a guy that has to see and try what I'm using before I can pull the trigger on a purchase. Dennis showed up yesterday with several different options for me and had previously let me borrow a set of lefty's to see if I liked them. His prices are amazing and his actions go beyond customer service. Thanks again Dennis!" - Jason Armstrong, Floyd's Barber Shop, Tuscola, IL
"Dennis Brooks Sharp Edges you cant do this to us! We want them all! Thanks again on another JOB WELL DONE! We love you!!!!!!!" - Morgan Reynolds, Mattoon, IL
Dennis!!!!!!! Our one and only shear guy, the best!!!

"I have to give a big shout out to Dennis Brooks Sharp Edges and Tonya Brooks they always go above and beyond for me! They do a great job sharpening for us! Tonya is the sweetest person always a smile and a kind word! I would never go elsewhere.
Dennis!!!!!!! Our one and only shear guy, the best!!!" - Smart Style Mattoon, Il

Located in Decatur, Illinois.