Handle & Thumb Grip Options for Professional Hair Shears

Professional hair shears come in every shape, size, color and configuration you can imagine. In fact, you have so many different options to consider today that it’s easy to become confused.

Add in choices for metal, country of origin, color, bling, cases and accessories, and you might never get a decision finalized.

One of the first considerations we recommend here at Scissor Mall is the thumb grip and handle configuration of your new hair scissors. Once you make that determination, you narrow down your field of options to a more manageable selection.

Professional hair scissors options

Hair & Thinning Shears Handle Options

Let’s start by looking at handle styles. Basic shears have symmetrical handles, where both sides are equal in length. This style handle typically requires the stylist to elevate their elbow, potentially subjecting them to repetitive stress injuries.

Better in most cases is an offset handle design, where the thumb side is shorter. Better still are crane handle shears. Whereas both symmetrical and offset handles are symmetrical to the center screw of the shears, this design offsets the handles from the center screw, allowing you to drop your elbow and relax your shoulder and wrist.

Thumb Grip Options for Hair Shears

One of the most important developments in the design and engineering of hair scissors, groomers and thinners are the many thumb grip options available today. Face it, your thumb is doing all the important work. Shouldn’t it be happy and comfortable throughout your long days?

The preferable options for most groomers, stylists and barbers are bent thumb, swivel and double swivel designs. Bent thumb shears help you straighten your wrist and drop your hand, for a more neutral position. Swivel designs allow you to hold your thumb in a truly neutral position, no matter what cutting technique you use. Double swivel hair shears take that benefit a giant step further, providing the ultimate comfort and control available today.

Choosing Your Hair Shears & Options

The challenge with deciding on handle and thumb grips for a new pair of thinners or hair scissors is knowing what feels best for you.

For many stylists and groomers, favored techniques dictate their selection. For others, however, getting your hands on a pair and trying them out is the only way to know for sure how well a new pair of shears will work for you.

At Scissor Mall, we take the guesswork out of choosing your new hair cutting or grooming shears with our unique “Test Drive” program. With dozens of ergonomic hair shears designs to choose from, our distributors can put you in the driver’s seat when it comes to making your choices. And every pair we sell comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects, so you’ll always be assured of exceptional quality. Contact us today to learn more, or to ask us any questions about choosing the right hair shears for you.