How Good Grooming Shears Help Improve Your Business Results

If you groom dogs for a living, you understand how important it is to produce great results for your customers – both the two- and four-legged customers. But do you realize how important the right grooming shears are in your quest for excellence and business growth?

Not only must you choose the right scissors, thinners and chunking shears but you must also care for them properly. When you do, your high-quality dog grooming tools will serve you well for years or even decades.

Dog grooming shears for groomers and breeders

Choosing the Right Grooming Shears

With all the options available today, how do you choose the right grooming scissors for your needs and your style?

No matter how, when or where your use your scissors – or on what breed of dog – you need implements that are comfortable, flexible and allow you to produce the results you want, quickly and reliably.

When you choose implements fabricated from high-grade metal using state-of-the-art technology and exceptional design, you’ll maintain comfort and control. Good shears allow you to work quickly without sacrificing quality or safety – for you or for your canine clients. You’ll also be able to complete each service more quickly, allowing you to serve even more clients than ever before.

Caring for Your Grooming Shears

When you invest in high-quality scissors and thinners, you can rest assured that they will serve you well all day, every day – as long as you maintain them correctly.

But, if you fail to care for them correctly, even the best grooming implements will become dull. This not only renders them ineffective but puts both you and the dog at risk for injury.

Always clean your shears thoroughly after each use and at the end of the day. If you fail to clean all the fur out of your scissors, you expose them to the possibility of rust. If you use any products that may make their way onto your blades, you’ll need to wet clean with an appropriate product – check the manufacturer’s recommendations to be safe.

Dry your shears obsessively and, if the manufacturer recommends it, add an appropriate lubricant to prevent rust and buildup and to keep your shears working smoothly.

Finally, store your implements in a safe place – preferably a shear case – away from moisture and excessive heat.

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