The Benefits of Shopping for Hair Shears Online

Shopping for hair shears online provides multiple advantages that you typically won’t find in the retail environment. You’ll have significantly more options to choose from and, with few exceptions, you’ll spend less money for the same products – sometimes substantially less.

The one disadvantage – and it can be a deal-breaker for many stylists – is that you can’t physically experience the shears to get a feel for how they might work for you.

If only you could find a way to overcome this one challenge…

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The Disadvantages of Buying Hair Shears in a Retail Store

When you shop in the retail environment, you have the benefit of putting a pair of shears in your hand and getting a feel for how it performs. Beyond that, however, retail purchasing has many downsides.

The first challenge is inflated price. The nature of any retail, brick-and-mortar enterprise means high overhead. And that, in turn, means high markup. In the beauty industry, that markup can range from 30 percent to more than 100 percent, depending on the merchant and location. Even with a great sale or promotion, you’ll still pay substantially more in the retail environment than you will when shopping online – at least in most cases.

Your options will also be limited. Retail outlets have limited space and hundreds of products to feature. That means you will have to make your selection from only a few options in most cases.

The Challenges of Purchasing Hair Scissors Online

Shears and scissors are the primary tools of the trade for stylists, barbers and groomers. When you purchase new shears, you’re making a substantial investment that, ideally, will serve you well for years or even decades.

So, are you really willing to make that investment without seeing, touching or playing with the product yourself? You might have all the options you want – at prices that you know are exceptional – but still not be willing to make that purchase until you can hold the shears in your hand.

This conundrum has vexed styling and grooming professionals since the advent of ecommerce.

Scissor Mall: The Perfect Alternative to Online & Retail Hair Shears Purchases

Scissor Mall has found a way to give our customers the best of both worlds.

Our online shopping mall features more than 150 different types of hair shears, many of which are available in varying sizes and configurations. We feature all the brands you demand, including Kansai, Royale, Yasaka, Shisato, Debut, Dynasty, Blue Ribbon and more. We have thinning shears, chunkers and texturizers. We have true left-handed scissors and a wide variety of ergonomic shears. We can also help in your search for bling, goth and colored shears as well as accessories and stylist jewelry.

We have options in every budget range, at prices you won’t find anywhere else.

But the best part is that, once you identify the best options for your needs, you simply contact your local distributor to take your choices for a test drive. That way, you can rest assured that your investment will be exactly what you want and need.

Visit the Scissor Mall site today to browse our wide selection of hair shears online, then simply click to find a distributor near you.