Why Japanese Steel Makes Outstanding Hair Shears

Hair shears featuring Japanese steel blades are considered to be some of the best equipment available for stylists today.

When you shop for scissors, including slide cutting shears and other precision cutting tools, you have many choices in a variety of price ranges. Depending on how you plan to use your scissors – and what you hope to achieve with them – should influence your choice.

Understanding how steel origin and quality affect both the performance and durability of your shears can help you make the best choice for achieving your objectives.

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How Steel Quality Affects the Quality of Hair Shears

The bottom line is simple: the better the steel, the better the quality of the scissors. However, this is not a black-and-white issue, because quality has many definitions and variants.

In years past, German cobalted steel was the most highly sought-after material for hair shears. German steel, typically measured in a scale called “Rockwell Hardness,” was known for its strength and durability.

What German steel was not good for, however, was the integrity of the client’s hair. This wasn’t a problem when styles were less sleek and smooth, and damaged hair shafts and split ends got lost in perming, backcombing and styling products.

The Benefits of Japanese Steel in Hair Scissors

Today, the brutalist nature of German steel has yielded its preferability to Japanese craftsmanship and metal alloys.

Japanese blades have an even higher tensile strength than German steel. More important, it has a high degree of flexibility and none of the brittleness of its European equivalent. It maintains a finer, sharper edge that lends itself to clean, crisp cuts and advanced cutting techniques.

Choosing the Right Japanese Steel Hair Shears for Your Needs

Unfortunately, you will find many unknown brands on the market that claim to offer the high quality of Japanese materials at bargain basement prices. When it comes to hair shears, you almost always get what you pay for.

That said, you can find these high-quality steel scissors in a variety of price points, depending on the quality of the steel. The Shisato and Niigata shears are made from the best quality Japanese steel manufacturer, Hitachi.

The quality scale for Japanese steel is as follows, listed from highest to lowest:

  • 440A

  • 440C

  • S-1

  • S-3

  • V-1

  • V-10

  • V-10G or V-10 Gold

  • ATS-314

Scissor Mall has a wide variety of options, all clearly labeled based on quality scale ratings. Even the lowest quality Japanese steel scissors will provide many years of reliable service and hold an edge longer than most of the alternatives.

Look also for high-tech alloy options, like Shisato Karma. It’s ATS 314 - Molybdenum Vanadium Cobalt material is regarded as one of the finest cutting blades available today. For a bright, playful option, check out the Debut TSR2, with its rainbow titanium coatings.

You can choose from a variety of styles, including thinning shears, ergonomic shears, texturizers and even colored and goth-style scissors. And, when you’re ready to take a pair or two for a test drive, simply contact your local distributor. The process couldn’t be easier.

Visit Scissor Mall online today to browse our wide selection of affordable, high-quality scissors, including our large selection of Japanese steel hair shears.