Why You Need Slide Cutting Shears Right Now

Slide cutting shears are the secret weapon of successful stylists around the world. If you aren’t using these versatile hair shears yet, it’s time to learn more about them and how they can help you create today’s most in-demand styles.

This technique is perfect for crafting today’s looser, less formal styles. Create texture and softness while removing bulk to create a natural finish your clients will love.

You can use the slice cut technique on wet or dry hair. The key to success with this technique is to use the right slide cut shears for you as well as for the technique.

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Using Slide Cutting Shears on Dry Hair

The primary purpose of slide cutting hair shears is to enable you to cut on dry hair without harming the cuticle. This is perfect for removing both length and bulk without leaving a chunky or “piecey” appearance.

Using these hair scissors dry will give you the ability to fine-tune and texture and create soft points. With a blade design that protects the integrity of the hair as you slide the shears, you get a smoother, softer result.

If you struggle with dragging blades and blunt lines, this is the shear for you.

Using Slide Cutting Shears on Wet Hair

Although primarily used for dry cutting, you can also use the slice cutting technique on wet hair. In fact, this technique is easier and more efficient when performed wet. However, it’s more difficult to see the results. For that reason, many stylists prefer to do some of the slicing work while the hair is wet and then apply finishing touches once the client is dry.

If you like to slide cut on wet hair as well as dry, look for slide cutting scissors designed for both techniques.

Choosing the Right Slide Cutting Shears for You

Once you master the technique, slide cutting will elevate your craft to a new level. To be effective, you must maintain the correct angle, speed and pressure. If you’re off even a little, you can damage the hair.

Having the right hair scissors is half the battle. However, the way shears perform can be deceiving.

Lower quality shears and dull blades perform deceivingly well when using a slide cut technique, especially if you aren’t holding the blades at the correct angle. What you may not realize is that, even when dull or poor-quality shears slide effortlessly down the hair strands, they’re causing damage – potentially even splitting the hair shaft.

Choose a shear with a longer, curved blade – sometimes referred to as a bamboo blade – to better hold the hair in place. Korean and Japanese-made shears are generally preferred for this technique.

At Scissor Mall, we recommend both the Mirage and Shisato lines. For example, the Shisato Karma is specifically designed for this technique, as is the Mirage D. For all your hair scissor needs – including slide cutting shears – trust the experts at Scissor Mall.