Blending Shears: The Hair Stylist’s Most Versatile Tool

Many stylists have a pair of blending shears somewhere in their station but, too often, they’re hiding in the back of a drawer somewhere, rarely used.

Then you have the hair stylists that use their blenders non-stop, often doing entire cuts with them.

If you’re in the latter camp, it means you’ve mastered at least some of the many techniques that you can use with a good pair of blending shears. It also means you already appreciate how amazing the results can be.

If you’re in the former group, however, maybe it’s time for you to learn what all the excitement is about.

Thinning and blending shears.jpg

Types of Blending Shears & Thinning Shears

A popular misconception is that blending and thinning shears are different types of hair scissors. In reality, the terms are often used interchangeably – and both types of scissors can be used to achieve certain objectives. You can, however, select from a variety of different blending shear configurations and designs.

Some blending or thinning shears have teeth that are wider or spaced further apart. Some designs feature one straight blade and one notched or “toothed” blade, while other models, typically called double thinners, feature teeth on both blades.

You can choose either design with fewer or more teeth, depending on how you like to use your shears and what you hope to achieve with each type of hair scissors. You can also choose the blade length that you’re most comfortable with.

The Many Techniques of Blending Shears

You can use blenders to soften the lines of a cut or to remove weight without layering, but that’s just the beginning. You can also use these versatile hair shears to create texture, ease transitions and even add weight to certain parts of the cut.

They are perfect for creating movement and direction while maintaining the client’s length – especially when cutting long or thick hair. For precision work, you can create lines that are clean but soft.

Many stylists like to use blenders with the scissors-over-comb technique. This is ideal for creating contour and loads of texture without harsh lines. By changing the angle of the comb, blade and fingers, you can create a virtually limitless variety of styles that will set you apart as a professional stylist.

Selecting the Right Blending Shears for You

This choice, like all hair scissors purchases, is highly personal. Whatever design you select for your blending scissors, invest in the highest quality shears you can. They will last longer and hold their edge long after a lower quality shear, giving you a better return on investment.

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