When Buying Hair Shears, Consider These 3 Key Factors

If you’re interested in buying hair shears, you have many, many options to choose from. So many, in fact, that it’s easy to become confused.  

To help you narrow down your choices, consider the types of cuts you spend your time doing. Consider also the needs of your body and any particular ergonomic concerns you may have. Finally, consider your budget and how it will affect your selection and your satisfaction with your purchase. 


No. 1: Choose Hair Shears Based on How You Spend Your Day 

Different stylists focus their time on different activities. Consider your style of haircutting and what you need most in your shears. Do you need a specialty shear or are you more in need of a flexible, all-purpose design? 

For example, if you do a lot of dry cuts, you’ll want a high-quality, longer shear (6”, 6.5” or 7”) that does well with larger sections. Are you doing lots of textured cuts? If so, you may need a specialized texture shear.  

Also consider the length of your blade. If you spend your time doing precision cuts or overhand motions, you may prefer a shorter blade. If you do more soft cuts and gradual curves, maybe a longer blade is most appropriate. 

No. 2: Select Hair Shears to Reflect Your Ergonomic Needs 

You can’t do your job well if you’re in pain all day. Consider the ergonomics of any pair of scissors you may be considering.  

For example, if you prefer a bevel blade on your shears, remember that this design requires you to use more force when cutting. This can cause hand pain and related issues for many stylists. The newer convex-style blade requires less force to open and close.  

You’ll also need to consider the handle type you feel most comfortable with. Straight or opposing handles place more stress on the body than crane- or offset-handled shears. For maximum flexibility, consider purchasing shears that have a swivel thumb ring.  

No. 3: Pick the Best Hair Shears Your Budget Can Accommodate 

Although you might normally start your selection process based around your budget, we recommend you consider this requirement last.  

In other words, don’t narrow your selection on price until you’ve established the purpose of your scissors as well as the shape and configuration you need. Otherwise you’ll have too many options to choose from and you may well end up with a purchase that doesn’t meet all your needs. 

At Scissor Mall, we make the selection process easy for you. You can start the process using our easy-to-use website or you can request a free hair shears catalog. Once you select the type of scissors you want, we can quickly direct you to a local distributor. You can even take our shears for a test drive to make sure they’re the ones you want. 

For almost four decades, Scissor Mall has been selling and sharpening hair shears. Today, we don’t simply sell shears; we design many of the products we represent and work with factories around the world to have them produced. We know shears and we’re here to help you. Every product we sell comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects. You simply can’t beat the quality, selection and pricing offered by Scissor Mall.  

Contact us today for assistance or to browse online for your new hair shears.