Grooming Shears Gone to the Dogs? Here’s How to Choose a New Pair

If your grooming shears have given up the ghost, don’t despair. A new pair will have you back up to speed in no time.  

If you’re like most grooming pros, you work with several types of scissors to achieve your clients’ goals. The right shears will help you work quickly and comfortably while keeping you and your customers’ precious pets safe and sound.

Here at Scissor Mall, we offer high-quality grooming scissors in a variety of sizes, shapes and configurations. Our collection is curated to meet your exacting standards as well as your budgetary constraints.


Straight Blade Grooming Shears 

Your straight blade shears are arguably the ones you reach for most of the time. As the basis of your tools, you’ll want to invest in a well-made pair of shears that will hold an edge and provide you with years of faithful service.  

Grooming shears come in either beveled or convex edges, but look for convex edges for a smoother, silkier result. You can choose blade lengths ranging from 6.5 inches all the way up to 9 inches, depending on your needs.  

Curved Blade Grooming Shears 

Curved blade grooming scissors are appropriate for specific purposes such as trimming the feet, hocks, chest and other areas where you need a less geometric line than a straight blade can produce easily. 

Many professional groomers find themselves reaching for their curved blade shears more and more often these days, as trends move more toward a soft, casual style of grooming.  

If you’re using your curved blade grooming shears often, consider investing in a high-quality pair that will facilitate your comfort and help you create the perfect style for your client and their pet. 

Thinning & Double-Teeth Thinning Shears for Grooming 

Thinning shears are a critical component of every groomer’s toolkit. Today, you have more choices than you once did, with the introduction of the double tooth thinner.  

The double tooth thinner design pulls smoothly through the fur helps you avoid leaving a noticeable line. This design creates a smooth, silky result you can’t easily achieve with types of blades. 

If you need a traditional thinning shear for dog grooming, look for a high-quality, convex blade to achieve that buttery texture and appearance you’re looking for. 

Here at Scissor Mall, we’re well known for our extensive collection of grooming shears. You can choose from straight and curved blades and from traditional as well as double tooth thinning shears. Our fine quality Korean and Japanese shears are designed to perform beyond your expectations and hold an edge for as long as possible. To learn more about how to find our shears in your area, call today or visit us online to browse our selection of grooming shears.