The Best Grooming Shears for the New Year

If new grooming shears are your wish for the New Year, you’re in good company.

Hairstylists and groomers alike have a long-held tradition of kicking off the New Year with a new pair of shears or thinners. If you’re considering a new pair of shears for grooming, Scissor Mall has exactly what you need to kick next year off right.

Our options include ergonomic shears for grooming, grooming thinners and even double teeth thinning shears for groomers. We’re proud of our innovative, high-quality products and we have something to fit every budget. In fact, you might even say that Scissor Mall has the best grooming shears collection you’re likely to find today. 

Dirty Dog Grooming Shear Set: Straight Shear, Curved Shear, and Thinner. aVAILABLE IN 7”, 8”, 9” and 40 teeth thinner.

Dirty Dog Grooming Shear Set: Straight Shear, Curved Shear, and Thinner. aVAILABLE IN 7”, 8”, 9” and 40 teeth thinner.

Thinning Shears for Groomers & Breeders

If you’ve made a resolution to find new groomers thinners or double teeth thinners this year, Scissor Mall has what you need.

The Royale double teeth thinning shear is known throughout the industry for its exceptional quality and its ability to pull smoothly through even the densest fur. Both groomers and breeders love this high-quality, convex shear. It features 40 teeth and super cobalted Japanese V-10 stainless steel construction. And, as a bonus, these shears come with your choice of high-quality shear cases.

The Blue Ribbon T-46 is a great, budget-friendly alternative, especially if you’re looking for a long blade thinning shear. The convex edge is ideal for scissor-over-comb work. With 46 teeth, this shear has a blade length of 6.75 inches.

Curved Grooming Shears

If you’re in the market for a curved blade grooming shear, Royale hits the mark again with its curved grooming shears. This shear provides the ultimate in comfort with a silky result. You can take your pick of blade lengths too, as it’s available in 7.0, 8.0 and 9.0 inches.

The Debut Curve groomer shear is another great choice. This shear, with hollow-ground, convex blades, is designed to make specialty cutting techniques a breeze. Light and affordable, this option is a perfect addition to the groomer’s or breeder’s toolkit.

How to Choose the Best Shears for Grooming

When it comes to choosing the best grooming shears for you, we understand that your needs are unique. You need to be able to work quickly but comfortably and transition seamlessly between straight and curved blade shears and thinners. 

Scissor Mall has them all, including ergonomic grooming shears, blending and thinning shears in a variety of prices design to fit every budget.

Dirty Dog shears are arguably the most popular and well-known groomer shears and we offer their full line of products. You’ll recognize their signature black titanium finish featuring Scottish terriers on the blade and the tension dial.  

In addition to the Dirty Dog line, we also carry multiple lines of grooming shears including Blue Ribbon, Debut, Dynasty and Royale. To learn more, or to take our grooming shears for a test drive, call or visit us online today.