Holiday Gifts for Hair Stylists

Finding holiday gifts for hair stylists can be difficult. Whether you have a stylist in the family or you want to show your personal stylist how much you appreciate them, Scissor Mall has what you’re looking for this holiday season.


Hair shears are the foundational tool of the trade and always a great gift. However, if you aren’t comfortable making quite that much commitment – picking the right hair scissors is a very personal choice, after all – why not consider a shear case or some our delightful hair stylist jewelry?


Scissor Cases for Hair Stylist Gifts


Hair stylist shear cases and shear holsters are always a great gift, at the holidays or any time of the year. 


Scissor Mall has an amazing array of choices and you’re sure to find the perfect gift for your hairstylist. We have cases designed to hold six pairs of shears all the way up to 20 and even 40 pairs. If you aren’t sure which one to choose, consider a holster. The Rage shear holster comes with an adjustable belt and holds up to five pairs of hair scissors.


If you’re looking for the ideal gifts for groomers, consider this Royale grooming shear case. After all, your groomer works hard all year to keep your pet looking – and smelling – his best. 


Hair Stylist Jewelry Makes the Perfect Gift


If the hair professional in your life likes to rock the bling, check out our delightful line of hair stylist jewelry. 


Our hair scissor charm bracelet is one of the most unique pieces you’ve ever seen, and sure to delight. You can choose from a variety of high-fashion colors and you get to choose from 16 delightful charms. This allows you to customize your gift in true one-of-a-kind fashion.


For the hairstylist that likes to flaunt their professional pride, we have hair scissors jewelry that includes pendants, clips and pins. Consider our hair scissor necklace. This delightful piece hangs from an 18 inch, platinum-coated chain and comes in a variety of colors designed.


Hair Stylist Accessories & Tools


If you’re looking for the perfect stocking stuffer for your favorite industry pro, check out the “accessories” tab at Scissor Mall. There, you’ll find a variety of cosmetology and hair stylist tools that your stylist is bound to love.


We have everything from Dynasty electric hair clippers, perfect for trimming necks and sideburns and cleaning up between cuts to Shisato Swivel pro-razors, lightweight and durable, these razors are designed for comfort and flexibility.


Finally, for a gift that would thrill and delight any cosmetologist, we proudly offer the Mirage Keratin flat iron, for Brazilian blowouts. This wet or dry ceramic flat iron is top grade, using far infrared heat to reduce hair damage. 


If you’d like to consider a pair of hair shears, grooming shears or thinners as a holiday stylist gift, check out some of our fun and functional new arrival hair shears. You’re sure to find an option that catches your eye and fits your budget. 


Scissor Mall is the leader in innovation in our industry. Our cutting-edge products are all designed to fit the ever-changing needs of our customers. Visit us online today to find the perfect holiday gifts for the hair stylists in your life.