Buying True Left-Handed Hair Scissors: The Challenge Is Real

If you use left-handed hair scissors, you already understand the challenge. In a right-handed world, it can be difficult – if not impossible – to find high-quality left-handed cutting and thinning shears.

The reason for this is that true lefty designs aren’t all that common… or easy to find. Instead, you’re more likely to find right-handed models that have been flipped over and packaged for lefties. 

left-handed hair scissors

Barbers, stylists and groomers who use pseudo-lefty shears often experience carpal tunnel syndrome and related orthopedic issues, due to the stress these designs place on the body. Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer any longer. Scissor Mall offers a variety of high-quality, actual left-handed thinning and hair-cutting scissors.

What Are True Left-Handed Hair Scissors?

Let’s start by looking at what they are not.

Some manufacturers take a right-handed shear, flip it over and switch the finger rest to the other side. Maybe they even reverse the tension knob. But that does not a lefty shear make.

Here’s how to identify true left-handed scissors. On a true left-handed scissor, when you hold the scissor in front of you with the blades pointing away from you, the sharp side of the blade with will be on the left-hand side.

How Will True Left-Handed Hair-Cutting or Thinning Shears Help?

If you’ve never used an actual left-handed shear, you may have a brief adjustment period. Once you figure out the secret, however, you’ll wonder why you didn’t discover this marvel sooner.

To make the transition easier, try these two simple tips:

  • When you use a right-handed shear that has been "flipped," the motion your thumb makes pulls the blades together, but on a true lefty, this motion pushes the blades apart. You can use thumb ring inserts so that your thumb is barely in the thumb ring. Soon your thumb will learn to pull the blades together.

  • Don’t move your fingers when you cut. Isolate your fingers and open and close the shears using only your thumb.

It may take a little practice to get comfortable but, trust us when we say you – and your hands, wrists, arms, shoulders and neck – will be glad you did.

Choosing the Best Left-Handed Hair Shears for You

At Scissor Mall, our left-handed cutting and thinning shears are accurately designed – not flipped-over righty models.

And we don’t just have a couple of options. We offer a full line of options from manufacturers such as Mirage, Kansai, Debut and Dynasty. Even our left-handed student shears have the correct orientation, so you can start our the right way in barber or beauty school.

You have your choice of chunkers, double-sided thinners, texturizers and standard thinners. We even have lefty swivel ergonomic hair scissors. You can choose from a variety of price points too, so you’ll always find the right shears to fit your budget.

Scissor Mall, catering to stylists, barbers and groomers, has all the high-quality shears, thinners and accessories you demand. We even offer test drives and a lifetime warranty against manufacturers’ defects. Contact us today to find a distributor in your area. We’re sure you’ll be delighted with your new, true left-handed hair scissors.