Edgy Hair Shears to Reflect Your Personality

Edgy hair shears are the perfect way to reflect your bold, confident personality as you work.

Scissor Mall features a variety of fine hair cutting and thinning shears with edgy, goth and punk themes. Spikes, skulls, bones, serpents and an array of other daring themes can adorn your scissors. And, as is the case with all of our exceptional products, our boldly themed shears feature high quality and affordability.


 Edgy Hair Cutting Shears

Let your bold show with our line of edgy hair cutting shears, each designed to make your job as fun as it is ergonomically comfortable.

Come to the dark side with respected manufacturers like Mirage, Dynasty and Debut. Convex edges, concave blades and adjustable tension are just a few of the features you’ll find in our “Edgy” category. Choose your preferred length and weight for a custom fit and feel.

You’ll find silver, gold and black titanium finishes and delightful, high-quality details that include spikes, skulls, snakes, chevrons and bones. 

Don’t fear the Reaper… by Mirage

Don’t fear the Reaper… by Mirage

Edgy Thinning Shears

Of course, we have plenty of edgy thinning shears too, to ensure you have all the tools you need to create the audacious styles you’re known for.

We feature world-renown manufacturers such as Shisato, Dynasty and Mirage. You can choose from single and double-edged thinners.

If you crave a truly unique thinner, check out the Mirage Duo B. The stacked design features two texturizing blades in one high-quality, ergonomic thinner. It texturizes and thins, saving time and reducing wear-and-tear on your body. This shear is made of high-quality Japanese V-10 Cobalted stainless steel and features a comfortable “camelback” handle with wide spacing and a slightly bent thumb.

The Debut Viper provides a red-eyed serpent ergonomic finger rest.

The Debut Viper provides a red-eyed serpent ergonomic finger rest.

Choosing the Right Edgy Hair Shears for You

Choosing the right pair of cutting or thinning shears for you is a highly personal decision. But, with our line of edgy hair scissors, finding a pair that reflects your personality is easy and fun.

If ergonomics are important – especially if you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, bursitis, tendonitis, back, neck or shoulder problems – you’ll find plenty of choices in both hair cutting and thinning scissors. You’ll find daring designs with features ranging from rotating, swivel thumb rings to crane-shaped designs. We believe you should never have to sacrifice comfort and ergonomics for bold, cheeky style and personality.

Roll the Debut Crossbones! This ergonomic shear features roses, skulls and bones.

Roll the Debut Crossbones! This ergonomic shear features roses, skulls and bones.

Whether you prefer bold or you fancy a more subdued sense of style, Scissor Mall includes a lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects on every product we sell. We even offer test drives on our most popular products, so you can be sure they’re for you before making the commitment to purchase. Contact us today to find a distributor near you. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect edgy hair shears to suit your style – and your budget.