Why You Need Double-Sided Thinning Shears Now

Do you have double-sided thinning shears in your scissor case? If not, maybe it’s time you consider investing in a pair.


These versatile hair shears help you take your cuts to the next level while helping increase your speed and decrease the wear and tear on your body. Before you purchase a pair of two-sided thinners, however, it’s important you know how to choose the best quality and value.



The Double Thinning Shears Advantage


A type of texturizing scissor, double thinners help you save time and, as a result, they can reduce the orthopedic strain on your hands and arms. You’ll be able to crank out high-quality cuts faster than ever and that contributes directly to your bottom line.


With teeth on both sides, these revolutionary scissors allow you to thin and texturize without creating a visible line. You can comb out in any direction even with the blades closed without tearing or damaging the hair. 


Depending on your budget and the what you seek to accomplish with your thinning shears, you can select from a variety of different designs.


What to Look for in a Double Thinner


When you go shopping for any hair shears, always look for the highest quality at the most affordable price.


Some common features of these texture shears are a convex edge, hollow-ground blades and adjustable tension setting. If you choose an ergonomic design with a swivel thumb ring, it can help carpal tunnel syndrome, bursitis and tendonitis as well as a variety of back and neck problems.


In most cases, you can choose from 15- and 30-tooth models. But, if you’re in the business of cutting hair for our four-footed friends rather than two, you can even choose a double thinning shear for pet groomers.


Choosing the Right Double Thinning Scissors for You


Once you know what you want in your scissors, trust the experts at the Scissor Mall for help. We carry the finest brands of hair shears with a selection – more than 150 models – to die for.


In fact, if you aren’t sure about your choice, you can even take a test drive of our scissors through one of our amazing distributors. 


For nearly 40 years, stylists and groomers around the country have trusted Scissor Mall for their shears. We offer a variety of choices designed to fit every budget and our hair shears come with a lifetime warranty. We offer a variety of double-sided thinning shears, from the basic to the ornate


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