Ergonomic Hair Shears Increase Comfort & Protection

Ergonomic hair shears not only increase your physical comfort while working, but they also minimize your risk of developing work-related injuries.  

Hair stylists and groomers are both prone to developing repetitive stress injuries (RSI) such as carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), and traditional shear handle designs can increase this risk significantly.


 Fortunately, shear manufacturers have addressed these risks with a variety of ergonomic designs and options. 

The Benefits of Using Ergonomic Shears 

Traditional symmetric handled shears require you to lift your elbow, placing pressure on the hand, elbow, neck, shoulder and back. When you experience this pressure day after day, year after year, it’s virtually inevitable that you will develop an RSI. You’ll also find yourself going slower and feeling more fatigued as the day wears on. 

When you use shears with a crane, extended crane or neutral grip handle, however, it keeps your thumb in a neutral position and does not force you to lift your shoulder. This minimizes stress on the tendons and muscles of the hand and arm.  

You’ll be more comfortable throughout the day, working more quickly and not feeling abysmal at the end of the day. 

Handle Thumb Options in Ergonomic Scissors 

Whether you ultimately choose a crane handle or neutral grip design, you’ll also have your choice of thumb configurations. 

An anatomic thumb handle decreases the pressure, allowing you to use the side of the thumb to open the blades and keep your elbow low. Bend-down thumb treatments (like you’ll see on the Mirage Milano shears) also allow you to keep your elbow down and your hand in a relaxed, neutral position. 

Rotating thumb handles (like you’ll find in the Dynasty Galaxy and the dazzling Debut TSR2) are so effective at reducing stress on the hand and arm that they’re recommended by many orthopedic experts as the best design for helping avoid RSI.

Do You Need Ergonomic Hair Shears? 

If you don’t currently have pain or other problems with your hands or arms, you may not have given ergonomics a thought. But investing in a pair now could be what prevents problems in the future.  

You’ll have to experiment a bit to discover which design works best for you. Fortunately, Scissor Mall lets you take our shears out for a test drive through a local distributor.  

For nearly 40 years, Scissor Mall has been helping stylists and groomers with all their needs. We have dozens of choices, in price ranges that work for any budget. All our shears come with a lifetime warranty.  

Visit us online today to browse our vast assortment of ergonomic hair shears.