Mirage Shears

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Mirage Onyx Black Double Teeth Thinner

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  • The Mirage Onyx Thinner is a lightweight Super Cobalted Japanese V-10 stainless steel
  • Hand-forged in Korea
  • Beautiful black Titanium finish
  • Extremely comfortable with an offset handle
  • High-quality shear delivers a silky cut and great comfort
  • Mirage Onyx's blades with teeth on both blades do not leave a perceptible line in the hair
  • Click-dial adjustable tension system (dials available in pink, gold and black)
  • The Onyx has a convex edge and hollow-ground blades
  • Available in a 30 double teeth thinner

Price:  $345.00

Where to Buy Mirage Onyx Thinning Shears


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