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Mirage Charm Left Handed Shears

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  • The Mirage Charm Scissor is a lightweight Super Cobalted Japanese V-10 stainless steel
  • Hand-forged in Korea
  • Extremely comfortable with an offset handle
  • An interchangeable charm is located on the top finger ring of the Mirage Charm
  • Seven gem colors are available at this time: black onyx, pink sapphire, green
    emerald, red ruby, blue topaz, clear diamond, and purple amethyst
  • Five new charms: frog, lady bug, breast cancer ribbon, star, and skull
  • Each shear comes with one pink charm and two other charms, the choice of the stylist
  • A specially designed Charm case is included
  • The Mirage Charm features thin blades and tips for fine detail work
  • The Charm has a convex edge and hollow-ground blades
  • Shear available in 5”, 5.5”, 6” in right and left-handed, and a 30 teeth thinner

Price:  $345.00

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Left Handed Mirage Shear Charms
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Mirage Charm Left Handed Shears