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Shisato Echo 3500 Thinning Scissor

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  • Japanese S-3 cobalted steel
  • Hand-forged Japanese thinner
  • Ergonomic thinner is perfect for the stylist who is having problems with carpal tunnel, tendonitis, shoulder or back problems
  • Natural handle configuration and great spacing between the thumb and finger rings to prevent cramping when closing the scissor
  • Extremely bent down thumb ring that allows the stylist to lower the elbow and shoulder dramatically when using the shear
  • For those who probably need a "swivel" thumb shear, but cannot use one. 
  • Lightweight design and thin blades
  • Convex edge and hollow-ground blades
  • Adjustable-dial spring-leaf tension system
  • Shisato Echo 3500 available in 35 teeth

Price: $369.00

Where to Buy Shisato Echo 3500 Thinner

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Shisato Echo 3500 Scissor