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Mirage Orca Double Swivel* Scissor

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  • *A double swivel thumb ring can replace the single swivel thumb ring (single swivel pictured above) for more flexibilty
  • Japanese V-10 Super Cobalted stainless steel
  • Forged shear, hand-made in Korea
  • Unique styling of the Orca (two and a half finger holes) allows for superb control for precision cutting
  • The half finger hole allows for the stylist to easily flip her shears
  • Fully rotating double swivel thumb ring helps with carpal-tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, bursitis, neck or back problems
  • High-quality shear delivers a silky cut and great comfort
  • Click-dial adjustable tension system (dials available in pink, gold and black)
  • Convex edge and hollow-ground blade
  • Mirage Orca available in 5”, 5.5”, 6”

Price:  $325.00

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Mirage Orca Double Swivel Scissor